Meet the I Love Earth Ambassadors!

Marina Khan - Sweden

Marina Khan is the I Love Earth Ambassador for Sweden!

She was born and raised in Sweden with roots from Pakistan! "Right now am I studying business in Helsingborg, Sweden. At my spare time I love to hang out with family and friends. Love to exercise. I am a very optimistic person and I have high hopes for a better Earth. Inspired by Liana Werner Gray =)"

Blerina Osaj - Sweden

Blerina Osaj is an I Love Earth ambassador for Sweden. She has also lived in Germany, with roots from Kosovo. Blerina is studying business and her biggest passion in life is music and happiness on the Earth.

"I have hope for a happier Earth".

Alice Eklund - Sweden

Alice Eklund is the I Love Earth ambassador for Sweden! Alice was born and raised in Sweden, in the southern town of Malmö, close to Denmark. Alice spends her spare time competing and training with a cheerleeding team, saving the planet, travelling the world where she was recently in Australia for 8 months and is currently working as a personal assistant for dissabled people. During travels in Australia, with its stunning nature, she became growingly aware of the ecological situation in the world, and determined to contribute to spreading the word.

"Sweden too is fortunate to have great nature and Swedes are still used to being trusted to wander freely in the forests, along lakes and over mountains and hills. When you think about it; shouldn't everyone? The term "carbon footprint" is not as common in swedish schools as we would like it to be and our goal is to bring awareness and teach young people how they can reduce their footprints."

Aisirich Engblom - UK

Aisirich was born and raised in Sweden and will travel to the schools throughout Sweden to bring awareness to carbon footprints and how you can reduce yours!

Joshua Schulman - USA

Joshua Schulman is the new I Love Earth Ambassador for the United States of America (USA). He is a dynamic facilitator, trainer, sales professional, actor, magician and an award-winning speaker and has won over twenty speaking competitions, in numerous catergories, even making it all the way to the Regional competition in Hawaii, were he placed in Third, in the 2006 World Championships of Public Speaking.

A top sales producer for a number of companies over the last twenty years, from roofing, advertising, telecommunications, and for the last six years, handled corporate sales for Berlitz Languages, Incorporated which has been the gold standard for language and cultural training, for more than 130 years.

Joshua is also a classically trained actor and dancer, having graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and also the University of Southern California, School of Theatre. He has performed in over 30 stage plays extensive work in voice over, and television commercial acting. He is a co-founder of the American Shakespeare Company, and has been devoted to using his communication skills as an engaging communicator, particularly working with kids. He is now preparing to launch a new weekend kids program entitled S.K.i.L.L.s, which stands for Successful Kids Implementing Life Lessons Series, which essentially, is what you didn't learn in school that you wish you did. A blueprint for necessary life skills.

Joshua is the I Love Earth Ambassador for the United States of America, and will be making a difference in reducing carbon footprints all over the USA!

Sydney Suchla - Canada

Sydney Suchla is the new I Love Earth Ambassador for Canada!  She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  She has obtained a diploma in Advanced Business Management & E-Commerce and currently works full-time as an Executive Assistant at Conserve Oil Corporation that Reduces, Reuses, and Recycles all waste oil into high-grade diesel fuel. Sydney is also currently achieving her Alberta Real Estate Associates License.  She has extensive volunteer history including 3 years of being an active volunteer for the Mustard Seed Street Ministry, Calgary Animal Rights Group Member, and enrolled as a Big Sister of Calgary. 

She is very close with her family; her father even owns a beautiful multi-acre tree farm out in Grand Prairie.  Her passion for Earth and all the creatures on it has made her decide to be a Vegan to stop the environmentally destructive animal agribusiness and to put an end to animal cruelty.

 “I know one voice is all it takes to endeavour the possibility of change and action.  If you dream big enough and speak big enough to make others see your ambition, you will have many that will follow your footsteps.  To reduce our carbon foot step is the one choice we all have to make to rescue our ozone, one step at a time.”

Zita Ngwenya - South Africa

Zita was born and raised in South Africa. She currently works full-time as a Personal Assistant and is studying towards obtaining an Accounting Degree. "I love talking and have a genuine love for helping people grow as individuals; those two traits could help bring the “I Love Earth Mission” to life". 
"Defining my love of the Earth would be similar to trying to explain my love for my family. Like my family, it provides me with all that I need and doesn’t ask for much in return. When I think of what the Earth symbolises and how it plays a huge role in everyone’s life, regardless of how different we may think we all are, it makes me realise how people take the Earth for granted and don’t give it the respect it deserves. I personally believe that everyone should naturally be concerned and aware of the state the Earth is in and like we protect and shield our loved ones in times of need, we should do the exact same thing for the Earth. As easy as it would be to point fingers and blame people for their ignorance when it comes to protecting the Earth, I too have lacked in that department and the way I see it the only way forward is to educate and make people and myself more aware of the dangers that Earth is faced with.
As much as I’d love to bring a drastic change to the world we live in, that can and will only be achieved once everyone is brought up to speed with the current situation the Earth is faced with. I am and willing to play any role, regardless on how small it may be, in bringing awareness to the world. "

Henrietta Hurtado - South Bay, California

Henrietta Hurtado is the new I Love Earth Ambassador for the South Bay, California! Henrietta Hurtado, M.A. has sixteen years of higher education Career and Academic Counseling and Instruction experience.  She has worked at San Diego State University and the University of Redlands as a Career Counselor.  She worked at Imperial Valley College and currently at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA since 2001 as a Career and Academic Counselor Instructor.  She has a Master Degree in Education Counseling from the University of Redlands and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Spanish from San Diego State University.  She is an Advanced Communicator Bronze and first and second place winner of her club and area Tall Tales Speech contest through Toastmasters International.  She recently joined the Toastmasters International District One Professional Speakers Bureau.  She earned the “Florence B. Watt” award from the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers.  She is a member of the National Honor Society for Psychology.  She is certified and teach the True Colors Career Personality assessment and The Gallup Organization’s “Clifton Strengths Finder” assessment.  She is also trained and teaches Dr. Skip Downing’s “On Course” Emotional Intelligence strategies for college and life.  

 She has delivered staff development and Keynote presentations for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers Associations’ conferences and Cerritos College students and staff.  She has been featured in the Hispanic Career Magazine.  She has aired bilingual radio programs for college students via the Cerritos College radio station and participated in several poetry readings.  She has lived in Mexico and delivers both English and or Spanish presentations.  She is a poet, flamenco dancer, world traveler, and therefore an earth lover.  Last year she visited Capet Town, South Africa twice and was highly impressed to see how environmentally concious that country is.  This impression was strong enough to influence her to DO more than appreciate what our planet Earth has to offer.  So she brought that inspiration back with her to the USA.  Her nature is to educate and inspire others to grow with the flow of nature that our planet Earth showers us with on an ever ending basis.  

"Iam excited to join and grow with the I Love Earth team!"  She will inspire, motivate, and entertain you with a compelling presentation style!

Delnada Atkins, California

Delnada Akins is an Ambassador for I Love Earth, California! She is also is the President of Asgard Group - a company committed to promoting a sustainable environment and ecoprenuership with the ambition to radically transform society and the economic sector utilizing early stage investing and strategic alliances.   Asgard Group has financed and continues to support entrepreneurs to fulfill their social responsibility and continues to seek financial, social and environmental returns that support clean air, a sustainable environment and community building.  Delnada’s experience as an entrepreneur and business coach offers a unique sensitivity to the challenges all entrepreneurs face and enables her to cause executives to grow themselves and their businesses so they can live the lives they seek.

With a diverse background Delnada has worked as an entrepreneur and has created and managed a number of businesses including real estate, construction and the raising of investment seed capital for companies.   As a visionary and driven Ecopreneur, she has structured strategic alliances and joint ventures and has found creative ways to blend her sales and marketing skills with her passion for the environment and has more than doubled her bottom line business.  Delnada encounters leaders every day who are hungry to embrace sustainability, yet struggle to make it relevant in their lives.  Her dynamic leadership capabilities have presented opportunities to mentor and assist entrepreneurs to expand their ideas.   Through diligent networking, Delnada has mobilized a team of talented individuals and inspired a hub of ideas and innovation designed to both move the market and market the movement of sustainability.

Her most recent venture BlueSky GreenEarth is dedicated to preserving the environment and creating sustainable communities in Developing Countries, by providing investments in forestry, carbon emissions, renewable energies, clean water and transformational energy related technologies.  Her passion to serve social environmental entrepreneurs in a quest to eradicate poverty, preserve forest and build communities has investor commitments of over 200 million dollars.  As CEO, of BlueSky GreenEarth, Delnada leads the company’s capital raising and investor relations. 

 In addition to Delnada’s entrepreneurial and coaching activities, she is the Founder of Love Healing Hearts and sits on the Board of Directors for Grounding Relationships in People, both 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations.  Her mission as a humanitarian is to educate on the benefits of healthy organic living, sustainability and encourage the sharing of pertinent information within people's communities to spread awareness.  Delnada’s commitment to community and global awareness drives her determination to be one who makes a difference in the world while creating a legacy for our future.

Captain Beany - United Kingdom

Captain Beany is the new I Love Earth Ambassador for the United Kingdom (UK). Captain Beany's motto is " If the planet's worth saving - then let's save the Planet!"

A message from Captain Beany "Greetings Earthlings! My name is Captain Beany from Planet Beanus, an orange caped crusading eco-warrior superhero who has urgently recieved a global environmental distress call from Planet Earth!"

Captain Beany is on another fact finding intergalactic mission for and on your behalf! So profoundly concerned about your planet's ozone depletion level welfare, our orange caped crusading eco-warrior Captain Beany, now one of your international I Love Earth ambassadors, hopes to undertake major positive thought provoking educational global awareness schemes with promising opportunistic future environmental strategies. This superhero solemnly pledges, therefore to commit his full time environmental obligational studies to combat global carbon emissions, with some compelling future school visitations. "With YOUR unwavering lifetime and long term commitment in making an enormous difference by saving YOUR world, we can necessitate long term steps towards lowering the world's carbon footprint!"

Kate Lowe - London, United Kingdom

Kate Lowe was born in London and grew up in Leicester. Kate works full time as a medical conference planner and is an I Love Earth Ambassador for London, UK.  "I have been lucky enough to travel around the world and would like to give back by trying to educate people in small ways that can make a big difference to our Earth."

Kathleen Francis - Newcastle, Australia

Kathleen Francis is the new I Love Earth ambassador for Newcastle! Kathleen was Miss Earth Australia Newcastle 2009 and took home the Innovators award. On October 22nd Kathleen will join Liana in visiting schools in Newcastle!

Gloria Therese - Melbourne, Australia

Gloria Therese is the new I Love Earth ambassador for Melbourne, Australia! Gloria has tried numerous jobs in the past from a lingerie assistant in Target to a training facilitator in Telstra, however it wasn't until Gloria discovered her love for the environment that her passion arose, "none of those mean more to me than being an ambassador for I Love Earth!"

Gloria is also an extraordinary singer, performing at a number of venues around Melbourne.

"As well as singing, my goal is to put the hard yards into teaching the leaders of tomorrow about the environment and how important it is to do their part! I love that I get to do something worthwhile, so when I am old and grey I can say I helped and I did my bit!"

Manea Kaye - Bondi, Australia

Manea Kaye is an I Love Earth Ambassador for Bondi, Australia! Manea is a dance teacher and is passionate about caring for the earth, "I don't feel there is enough concern or urgency yet for everyone to want to make a change for the better. You hear about Global Warming everywhere you go but there are still so many people that don't realize how serious it really is! Many businesses are still using plastic shopping bags when plastic bags should be Banned! And many house holds still don't even recycle! I don't want to scare people into making a change but just to be a role model and hopefully continue the ripple effect".

Angie Kai - Sydney, Australia

Angie Ramos is the I Love Earth ambassador for Sydney, Australia. Angie has visited many beautiful and third world countries. Whilst studying in Nepal, she was confronted by the poor quality of life that the children there had to endure "However, young and old, they were always smiling, content with what they had. So many of us take for granted the gits that we have and have forgotten to nourish the motherthat gave them to us...EARTH". Whilst Angie is actively involved in the arts community, she hopes she can also help promote awareness and encourage better environmental habits one person at a time.

Ozlem Dogan - Melbourne, Australia

Ozelm Dogan is the new I Love Earth Ambassador for Melbourne, Australia! "I am willing to give my all to spread my passion by inspiring, educating and believing that we can make a difference one person at a time.  Through education and action I want to create an impact and make a difference in our lives at home and in our surrounding environment.  I would like the local government and media to start to take note that children of our future will make change, one step at a time! "

Maddison Cameron - Gold Coast, Australia

Madison Cameron is the I Love Earth ambassador for the Gold Coast, Australia. "When I was little I spent much of my time writing and thinking about different wats that I could make a change." Madison is now looking forward to influencing and educating others on the environment!  

Alana Valero - Australia

Alana Valero is the new Australian I Love Earth ambassador! "I Think it is important because then the kids will go and tell their parents and hopefully get there parents to do the right thing!" - Alana

Alix Hill - Melbourne, Australia

Alix Hill was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria and is the new I Love Earth ambassador for Melbourne! Alix has worked in a variety of industries from Travel to Sales & Accounting. During High School Alix studied acting which gave her the confidence to speak in front of large crowds. Alix is passionate about informing the next generation about how their actions are threatening the environment, and what they can do to fix it!

Liana Werner-Gray - Australia

Liana Werner-Gray is the creator of I Love Earth and the Australian Ambassador! So far Liana has visited schools in the Northern Territory and South Australia to encourage the reduction of carbon footprints.

Gabrielle Fergusson - Wellington, New Zealand

Gabrielle Fergusson is the I Love Earth ambassador for Wellington, New Zealand. " I love earth and I want to help young people to realize their dreams and to reach their potential. I believe that gobal warming is something that can be stopped, and its scary to think of this happening. I would like to do my bit to stop this from happening!"

Ranee Sos - Wellington, New Zealand

Ranee Sos is an I Love Earth ambassador for Wellington, New Zealand. She is currently studying media studies and health and fitness at the Victoria University of Wellington. "I love the earth because it provides us with resources and there are a number of beautiful places to visit. Our earth can provide us with so much. A difference I would like to create is to get rid of inequality and poverty!"

Robert Ireland - Auckland, New Zealand

Robert Ireland is an I Love Earth ambassador for Auckland, New Zealand. He would love to see people young and old becoming more environmentally aware and doing something on a personal level to make a difference. "If everybody does a little bit to help stop polluting our atmosphere and improving the environment we can all benefit and our children and their children can live in a clean and safe environment." Taekwon Do in New Zealand has a mission statement which goes like this, It is our aim to help people to achieve their maximum potential in life through excellence in Taekwon Do. "It is my hope that we can apply this to the way we treat our planet. Maximum potential as human beings can only be achieved if we look after our planet!". Robert hopes to spread the message of commonsense things like not wasting water, using less paper and using more full efficient cars.