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The cast and crew from "The Man In The Maze" chat about loving the Earth

Liana Werner-Gray recently starred in the film "The Man In The Maze" and plays the female lead 'Megan'. The story centers around four college students on a field study to learn more about the Trail of Tears. While traipsing through the woods, however, they stumble upon an Indian mound that marks the burial site of a Native American family that died on the trail. The mound was cursed by a distraught family member, and whoever disturbs it unleashes trouble and winds up lost in his maze, i.e. the woods.

And while filming in the woods of Alabama Liana managed a conversation about loving the Earth...

Lead actor Andrew Roth who plays 'Alex' says "Why do people throw things in their living room? When I see a human throwing waste on the ground I ask 'why are you dirtying our living room?'. The tics, thorns and mosquitos in the woods are natures way of defending itself from man so it created this defense mechanism to keep us out. If something is bothering someone they should change it within themselves, for example like the Haiti disaster, everyone wants to donate money. The money is great but the best way to help out is to change something about yourself that you cannot stand. And how does that help Haiti? It makes the Earth a better place. How do I love the earth? By laying on it, face down, arms out, stretched. My enamations when I am having that sharing experience is me loving the earth. I also don't own a vehicle and drive, I use public transportation. That's a choice. And for a natural pesticide for your plants use chilli peppers into rain water, the bugs won't go near that!

Erik A Williams who plays 'PT' connects with the Earth everyday. He uses concepts from the Earth Diet and "I recycle. We don't have a recycling program where I live but I do what I can. I separate glass and plastic. And with a 6 pac plastic ring holder I cut them up so the animals and birds and fish won't get stuck in them".

Stephanie Long Lomenick who plays 'Christy' says, "Leave it alone. Stand in the rain. Use the rain. Have you ever washed your hair in rain water? It's perfect. Till your garden and plant a seed and water it then leave it alone and let it grow. Don't use fertilizers. The earth will do it by it's self."

Director Mitesh Patel says "Nature is made to re-create. If you want to keep it longer, keep it the way it is. The more pollution and electricity and chemicas, the more cars we create, the more facilities we create it won't be like that."

Brandon Blevins the PA adds "Don't litter, turn the water off, conserve energy. Earth is the place we live, let's protect it. It get's more polluted each day. Each hour. Each minute.

Then Andrew said "But we need to do something instead of talking about it."

visit www.themaninthemaze.net or add them on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Man-in-the-Maze-Movie/275214654765

And Liana adds "Well we are doing something, by talking about it, not doing anything would be not even talking bout it. That's the first step".

I Love Earth in Sweden!

Ambassadors Marina Khan, Alice Ecklund and Blerina Osaj take I Love Earth to Sweden! This year in 2010 these three extraordinary human beings will take their passion of the Earth and visit schools throughout Sweden to educate, entertain and empower school children to love the planet we have and some simple steps we can do to restore health and nuture on Earth.  "These girls are so inspiring. After all it is the Earth that provides us human beings with existence! So why not love it?" I Love Earth founder - Liana Werner-Gray

Here's what the new leaders of the generation have to say about their project:

"Right now am I studying business in Helsingborg, Sweden. At my spare time I love to hang out with family and friends. Love to exercise. I am a very optimistic person and I have high hopes for a better Earth. Inspired by Liana Werner Gray." Marina

"Sweden too is fortunate to have great nature and Swedes are still used to being trusted to wander freely in the forests, along the lakes and over mountains and hills. When you think about it; shouldn't everyone? The term "carbon footprint" is not as common in Swedish schools as we would like it to be and our goal is to bring awareness and teach young people how they can reduce their footprints." Alice

"I have hope for a happier Earth." Blerina

Chemical Free Kids

Chemical Free Kids" by Dr Sarah Lantz, foreword by Edward Kachab.

Its about expanding the consciousness of the universe, by creating awareness of the dangers of chemicals in the environment on human health and in particular kids health which is absolutely crucial for creating sustainability on the planet!!!

Over 2000 copies sold in 5 weeks! Top seller!

 "I love that there are such extraordinary people on earth!!!" Liana Werner-Gray Founder I Love Earth

www.chemicalfreeparenting.com     www.facebook.com/chemicalfreeparenting


Red Feathers and A Hula Skirt the coolest new trend in Australia! Literally cool as they're business focuses on re-using and recycling old classics, which reduces manufacturing of new products, which reduces consumerism and thus reduces carbon emissions, which in turn reduces global warming effects and keeps our earth cool! I Love Earth reckon they are onto something quite extraordinary!

Swap meets, Salvage Yards, The Local Tip, Auctions - were a weekly part of growing up. "We learned how to grab a bargain, to see in things and clothes and bric-a-brac, what many would walk past. Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt wascreated to offer the general public an alternative to the "disposable" life in which we live." say Kerri and Melanie the creators of Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt.

"Kerri is an inspiration with her commitment to reducing the footprint on our earth, she has always bee the trailblazer" says Melanie. "It's easy to buy and throw out over your lifetime, without questioning where it's going and how it is affecting our planet."

So, with an eclectic mix of LIFE WEARS, Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt will be able to offer something to anyone -
"I want to be surrounded by beautiful things, make gorgeous things and teach people to create lovely things for themselves." Kerri says.

The girls have so much passion to bring this to the world, they hope that you will enjoy what is on offer and support their business!

Contact Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt (08) 9330 8866

Visit www.redfeathersandahulaskirt.com.au

I Love Earth visits Newcastle!

I Love Earth founder Liana Werner-Gray joined Kat Francis in Newcastle on Thursday (22nd October 2009) to visit Tighes Hill School.

Ambassador Kat said about her very first I Love Earth school visit, "Visiting Tighes Hill was an amazing experience, and empowering to have the opportunity to help educate children on the importance on reducing their carbon footpint!There is now 170 more children who have a better working knowledge of environmental issues."

"Tighes Hill were a pleasure to visit, the school has already implemented a climate plan including dual flush toilets to make the school green which is great! The kids were enthusiastic and energetic! Kat, the I Love Earth ambassador for Newcastle has a goal to reduce Newcastles carbon emissions by visiting every school! It will be because of her that the children of Newcastle are educated on the environment and what they can do to love our earth! Thats powerful." Liana Werner-Gray

The Girl Who Silenced The World For 5 Minutes

Congratulations to I Love Earth major prize winner Max!

I Love Earth would like to congratulate its's major prize winner....Max!

Max is from California, USA and attends Crossroad's School. Already a leader at 8 years old and a stand for the environment, Max entered the worldwide I Love Earth competition which ran from April - October 2009. 

The competition required kids aged 5-18 from around the world to show how they loved the earth. Entrants could write a song, draw a picture, plant a tree or anything creative! 

Max's entry showed what he does to make a difference,by planting a tree and reducing his own carbon footprint! To watch his video entry and to check out the prizes he has won click here. Max won over $634 worth of prizes!

"Leaders should be acknowledged, so well done to Max! Congratulations on making a difference, and remember that where ever you are in the world you can cause an impact! It's great to see you are already a leader at 8 years old, and I'm sure your friends will follow! Keep planting trees and encouraging others to do so also!" I Love Earth Founder - Liana Werner-Gray

Lass by Leila Sweeney is looking for 4 earth loving models!

Layne Beachley wearing Lass by Leila Sweeney!
Leila Sweeney is an earth loving fashion designer who is the creator of Lass by Leila Sweeney! In the photograph Layne Beachley wears one of Leila's designs September 2009.

Lass by Leila Sweeney are looking for 4 beautiful and unique models to represent the eco-friendly designs for a one day shoot in Brisbane on Saturday the 24th of October. If you would like to audition please send 2 photographs to lu939@live.com.au

Miss Earth Australia 2009!

Liana took home Miss Earth Australia 2009 People's Choice Award, Best In Environmental Speech, Green Achievers Award and the Innovators Award! The crown was given to Sydney's Melinda Heffernan who will represent Australia in the Phillipines in November!

"Being part of Miss Earth Australia was an interesting week, I met some beautiful and intelligent girls including Jana Sardelic who won Best In Talent, Rachel LaBlack who wrote a beautiful article on Global Warming (click here to view), Gloria Therese who is now an I Love Earth ambassador and Kathleen Francis who will work with me on the "Australian Story" written by Warren Williams! It's important to be aware and think, what kind of impact will my action have on the environment? Every action has a reaction, and the earth will respond to how we treat it. Even the organizers of such a big event Miss Earth Australia can forget as they hired stretch hummers! Stretch hummers are one vehicle that is responsible for deteriorating the environment. The good news is that we all have choices, and you have a choice whether to ride in a hummer or not, you don't have to follow the others. We are all leaders! And I want to acknowledge Elisha Yarington, Kelly Anderson and myself for leading by example and not participating in the hummer riding! It's small incidences like these that eventually add up to huge carbon emissions and impact the environment. So be a leader and help each other out, remind people that what should come first is our earth, our home that provides us human beings existence!!! " - Liana Werner-Gray, founder of I Love Earth

I Love Earth would also like to acknowledge Melissa Neighbour for pulling out of Miss Earth Australia in protest and to stand for what she strongly believes in. "The competition failed to recognise the positive difference they (other contestants) are making, and for them and to honour my own principles I officially withdrew my place in the pageant on Friday in protest." To view her protest click here.  

To view Liana's "Did You Know" speech that won her Best In Environmental Speech at Miss Earth Australia 2009 and to see the winners of MEA click here

Liana meets Layne Beachley!

Liana wears an Indian Sari for a dance performance!
Layne Beachley is one of Australia's most inspiring women! She is the most successful and talented female surfers of all time and won the Women's World Championships 7 times!!! Layne has been able to use her love of the ocean and environment through all aspects of her life and she is an ambassador for Planet Ark, Day Of Difference, The National Breast Cancer Association, Tourism NSW, Australia Day Council and her own "The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation". Aim For the Stars helps young women Australia wide, to achieve their dream!

Layne says "If you never give up, you can achieve anything....be unstoppable!"

"I encourage all young women and girls around Australia to check out Layne's website Aim For The Stars. Aim for the Stars offers moral and financial support to all of you who have the passion and desire to accomplish your goals and who aren’t afraid to ask for help along the way. Anything you dreamed of is possible!" Says Liana.


I Love Earth is proud to announce....

A Revolutionary New Way to Clean Your Clothes
That is Environmentally Safe and will Save You Water!!

·         No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

·         No Petrochemicals

·         No Harsh Detergents

·         No Toxic Chemicals

·         No Animal Testing

At Last! The Quickest, Easiest Way To Do Your Washing
That Will SAVE You 'Loads' of WATER, MONEY, TIME
and ...
And Contains NO Harsh Chemicals!


1.      They are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, are Anti bacterial, Hypo-allergenic, and have been approved by Action Against Allergies in the UK.
Miracle Wash Laundry Balls are used by the staff at the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc.
If you suffer from eczema, have a look at their website
The Laundry Balls are gentle enough for washing baby's nappies and clothes. The pellets are naturally antibacterial and destroy both E-Coli and Staphylococcus bacteria (as certified).

2.      You can use Hot, Warm or Cold water, in Top loaders, Front loads , Twin tubs and even Hand washing.

3.      You can reuse them over and over again (up to 60 washes actually) and they have a little cap that you pull out and pour in your refill pellets.
You are recycling the balls each time you refill them and there is no wastage or disposing of plastics into the environment.

4.      You will save so much time because you just throw them in your washing machine and turn your machine on - NO measuring, pouring, spilling or agitating, it's so easy and simple that even the kids can do it!

5.      They do not contain any detergent and there is no residue of any kind left on your clothes so you can Save Water and Electricity by turning your rinse cycle off.
After a few months, you will find that your filters will be clean and there will be no more grey 'gunky' residue clogging them up.
This in the long run will increase your washing machine's durability.

 “Are you worried about your family's and your health?  Every day you are exposed to harmful chemicals that reduce your immune system and make you acceptable to nasty sicknesses and diseases... It would be expected that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be diagnosed with a malignant cancer in the first 75 years of life. (source: Australia Institute of Health and Welfare) . Scary isn't it! Have you noticed how many more people have cancer, allergies and skin problems now?  Have you also noticed how many different chemicals we have in our home that we freely use every day? Do you think there may be a connection. Look I do not hug trees and stuff but I have 4 precious little people and one big handsome one in my house that I care about and will do anything to protect them from becoming a statistic.
Three are already a statistic because they have eczema and that was the reason I began my 6 month search for a washing product that contained NO HARSH CHEMICALS!”
Dana Steddy – CEO Miracle Wash Laundry Ball

I Love Earth and Miracle Wash Laundray Balls are working together to reduce carbon emissions around the world!!!

For more information

Liana visits Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California USA!

In May 2009 Liana visited Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California USA.

"From all of the schools I have visited, Crossroads has been the most eco-friendly earth loving school! It was a pleasure to visit and I was amazed at what the school had to help clean up the earth such as recycle and compost bins, there were also many artworks around the school made from recycled products, for example sneakers made from tyres, chairs made from gum wrappers and a bag made from newspaper! What a great school leading by example!"  Liana said.

The ultimate goal of Crossroads School is to help students achieve their full human potential. "The world is changing rapidly and young people will have to make important decisions about the future of our planet. Involvement in Crossroads’ environmental and outdoor education program prepares students to respond thoughtfully to environmental issues and to appreciate the natural world both for its own sake and for what it contributes to the human spirit'." Crossroads school.

See the photos below.

Ambassadors Joshua Schulman and Liana Werner-Gray visit Santa Monica!

I Love Earth Ambassadors Joshua Schulman and Liana Werner-Gray visit Fitness By The Sea in Santa Monica!

Fitness By The Sea promote a healthy environment and teach all the children to pick up the rubbish and keep the beaches clean so that we can enjoy them in the years to come!

At Fitness By The Sea they believe in an unstructured environment where campers are free to participate in as many or few activities as they want and are encouraged to try different things each day.

"Those who love the ocean can swim with the dolphins or participate in numerous water sports such as surfing, boogie boarding and paddling. There is baseball, dodgeball and soccer, martial arts, fencing, gymnastics or dance! Those who love the arts can face paint, draw or do theatre sports!" -FBTS


I Love Earth goes global!

I Love Earth has just gone global!

As of July 2009 I Love Earth will have an I Love Earth Ambassador in over 7 countries in the world including Australia, America, Sweden, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada and the USA! An I Love Earth Ambassador is the representative for their country and will travel to the schools in their country reaching millions of young people around the world to educate and encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint.

"There are an estimated 97 million schools in the world" said Australian Ambassador Liana Werner-Gray "I Love Earth's goal is to visit the majority of them! While working together with Jenika Productions, our dream is to see carbon emissions reduced globally by 80% by 2020!"

To meet the I Love Earth Ambassodors go to the "Ambassadors" at the top of the page.

Alice Springs Newspaper March 19th 2009

Charming Tree Hugger Champions Environment - As in Alice Springs Newspaper

Liana Werner-Gray (at left) with Tianne Rothwell and Claire Thomas.


Tree hugging, environment loving, Liana Werner-Gray has spent time recently  educating local students on how to reduce their carbon footprint and help take better care of the world.
Miss Werner-Gray, passionate about being green, has plans to visit schools throughout Australia. Having grown up in the Territory there was no better place to start than Gillen Primary School, where she was once a pupil.
“If we do not teach and encourage todays youth to take more action towards caring for the environment, then there will be nothing left to enjoy in the future,” says Miss Werner-Gray.
During morning assembly she had pupils taking part in a game she has made up that helps them understand how everyday activities can effect the carbon footprint. 
There are hundreds of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, she says.
Examples that young people are easily capable of include planting a tree, eating locally grown produce and unplugging their mobile phone charger when it’s not in use.
Principal David Glyde discovered his carbon footprint was quite high. So he’s decided to start riding his bike more and not use so many plastic bags.  
Said Mr Glide, “It is tremendous what Liana is doing. To see a previous pupil spreading awareness on such an important and topical issue is fantastic.”
Students Tianne Rothwell and Claire Thomas said they really enjoyed the game and Miss Werner-Gray has helped them to learn more about how to stop polluting in the world.
Having created a website (www.iloveearth.com.au), Miss Werner-Gray approached a number of businesses who have donated prizes for her inspiring competition, “I love the earth”.
Anyone between the ages of five and 18 can enter a photo, video, painting, drawing, story, poem, or song that demonstrates how they are reducing their carbon footprint.
The competition closes on October 1.
“We need to inspire people to care for the environment.
“It sounds corny but there are not enough people leading the world who are tree huggers,” says Miss Werner-Gray.
Twenty years ago Miss Werner-Gray’s mother rallied in Alice Springs for a local recycling centre, an issue that hasn’t gone away.
“I have definitely followed in the footsteps of my mother,” she says. “Alice Springs is where I spent a lot of my youth. It is a place that has impacted my life. It is a place that I will never forget.”
Once the face of Yamba’s playtime princess, Miss Werner-Gray went on to star in the television show “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. She is a now a nominee for the 2009 Miss Earth Australia competition, a green initiative that takes place in Sydney this September.

Clean Up Australia Day vintage sale fundraiser! 24th April 2009

On Saturday the 24th of April, Liana and a team of earth lovers gathered together their pre-loved vintages and sold them at a garage sale to fundraise for Clean Up Australia Day and I Love Earth. $404 was raised! $202 will go to Clean Up Australia Day (www.gofundraise.com.au/lianawernergray) and $202 will go towards an ipod prize for the winner of the I Love Earth competition. To enter the I Love Earth competition go to "Enter the I Love earth competition" at the top of the page. Thankyou to all who supported and contributed to the fundraiser.

A special thank you to the donaters....Claire Corones, Nuala Black, Bryan Adams, Tammy Concannon, Sherri Smith and Nick Dale.

Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers individuals and communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. 
Celebrating its 20th year, Clean Up Australia Day has to date mobilised more than 7 million people to clean up and fix up their streets, waterways, parks, bushland and beaches, making it the nations largest community participation event. To make a donation please go to www.gofundraise.com.au/lianawernergray


Liana goes to America!

2009 Miss Earth Australia nominee Liana Werner-Gray will be arriving in America on the 29th of April. She will be touring the schools in the USA educating and encouraging school kids to love, care, conserve and clean up America!

Coming to a school near you...

27th March-6th April

2009 Miss Earth Australia nominee Liana Werner-Gray will be travelling to schools in Northern Territory and South Australia to chat about global warming, the ozone layer, your carbon footprint, recycling and how you can enter the I Love Earth competition and win an awesome prize package! Check in next week to veiw photos.

Schools visited so far....

Gillen Primary School, Alice Springs
OLSH Primary School, Alice Springs
OLSH Secondary School, Alice Springs
Bradshaw Primary School, Alice Springs
Cleve Area School, South Australia

Plant a tree day!

April 18th. Plant a tree day. There are many reasons to plant trees. Some being, trees help community life, trees protect soil, trees absorb carbon dioxide created by us humans, trees cool cities and trees are a beautiful part of our lives.

Community Plantings are about more than just planting trees. This project is a way for getting community members, residents and local community groups together to interact in an activity which is beneficial for the area, and for all of the people who reside there.

Plant a tree day, check out www.rcgl.com.au for more details.

Thankyou to all that attended the Plant A Tree Day! The oxogyen from trees absorbs the ca

Liana on Yambas Playtime

1st April

Miss Earth Australia 2009 nominee Liana Werner-Gray made a guest appearance on Yambas Playtime for Imparja on the 1st of April. Liana taught Yamba how to care for the Earth. 

E everyone. Everyone can help clean up Australia!
A air. Keep the air clean and walk more with your family instead of going in the car.
R recycle. Recycle your cans and bottles.
T trees. Plant more trees!
H help. Help pick up rubbish and put it in the bin.

Keep watching Yambas Playtime Saturdays 11.30am on Imparja to follow Liana's journey!


Earth Hour 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009.

 At 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March, people from all over the world will turn off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour - and cast their vote for action on climate change. Anybody can participate and join together with millions of people across the globe celebrating Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is about taking simple steps everyday that collectively reduce carbon emissions – from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby.

Here are 10 different ways to spend Earth Hour and reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Attend a local Earth Hour event or organise your own by throwing an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours
2. Gather family & friends for a night picnic in your local park and look at the stars
3. Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight
4. Organise a treasure hunt in the dark
5. Take the dog for a night walk
6. Have a candle-lit bath
7. Sit in the dark and share stories
8. Organise a family night playing board games
9. Share a romantic night in with your loved one
10. Upload your ‘on the night’ photos and videos to flickr and YouTube respectively, and then add them to the Earth Hour flickr group and the global YouTube Group.

For more information go to www.earthhour.org